AFLS2018: Call for papers

Focus on French language usage and users

Call for papers

The annual conference of the Association For French Language Studies AFLS2018 will be hosted by the URI Octogone-Lordat (EA 4156) at the University of Toulouse from the 27th to the 29th of June 2018.

The theme of the 2018 AFLS Conference,  Focus on French language usage and users, has as its aim the exploration of research that brings new insights into the usage of French by different users, addressing in particular the following questions:

  • How can we describe and theorise French L1 or L2 use?
  • What are the advances in the research on French speakers and users of French?
  • What are the challenges for L2 French teachers today, especially in a context where French learners’ profiles and needs are more and more heterogeneous?
  • What challenges for the L2 French learner?
  • What roles does the French language now play in the French-speaking parts of the world?

AFLS2018 particularly welcomes research based on an empirical approach and research considering usage as an important factor for language construction. Hence, the treatment and visualisation of authentic language data for linguistic analyses will also be important topics to be addressed in the presentations.

In addition to the topics presented above, AFLS2018 also welcomes abstracts focusing on the issues that are promoted by the association AFLS (linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, language training and didactics).


Prof. Rod Ellis (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)

Prof. Jonas Granfeldt (Lund University, Suède)

Dr Emmanuelle Labeau (Aston University, Birmingham, Royaume-Uni)

Prof. Isabelle Racine (Université de Genève, Suisse)



Two types of presentation may be submitted: oral presentations or posters.

Oral presentations: papers based on original unpublished research with one or several authors. The talks will last 20 minutes and be followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

Posters: The abstracts for posters address original unpublished research and work in progress, which will be discussed in an informal way during several poster sessions that will be planned in the conference programme.



The conference languages are French and English. Submissions must be written in the same language as in the planned presentation. Abstracts should not exceed 500 words (references included). Each submission will be evaluated by AFLS2018 scientific committee (see list below). The criteria for acceptance include, the originality, the quality and the thematic relevance of the abstract. Authors can submit only one abstract as first authors and other abstracts as co-authors. It is planned to publish a selection of the papers presented at the conference.

Please use this link for submission:


Dr Malin Ågren, Dr Charlotte Alazard-Guiu, Prof. Nigel Armstrong, Dr Encarnacion Arroyo, Dr Corine Astézano, Dr Melissa Barkat-Defradas, Prof. Myriam Bras, Dr Jean-François Camps, Prof. Damien Chabanal, Dr Annie-Claude Demagny, Dr Amanda Edmonds, Dr Damien Gaucher, Dr Cyrille Granget, Prof Marie-Noëlle Guillot, Dr Cecilia Gunnarsson, Dr Jonathan Kasstan, Prof Barbara Köpke, Dr Angelika Krönert, Dr Mélanie Jucla, Dr Emmanuelle Labeau, Prof. Pierre Largy, Prof. Marie-Elaine Lebel, Prof. Isabelle Lemée, Dr Ewa Lenart, Dr Loïc Liégeois, Dr Kevin McManus, Dr Vanda Marijanovic, Prof. Leah Roberts, Dr Assia Rolls, Dr Inès Saddour, Dr Halima Sahraoui, Dr Christiane Soum, Dr Frida Splendido, Dr Olga Theophanous, Prof. Daniel Georges Véronique, Dr Norbert Wanek, Prof. Marzena Watorek.



Inès Saddour, Université de Toulouse (UT2J)

Cecilia Gunnarsson, Université de Toulouse (UT2J)

Olga Theophanous, Université de Toulouse (UT2J)

Amanda Edmonds, Université de Montpellier 3

Charlotte Blanc-Vallat, Université de Toulouse (UT2J)



Call for papers opening: November 8th 2017

Submission deadline: December 31st 2017

Notification of acceptance: February 28th 2018

Deadline for confirmation of presence at the conference if accepted: March 31st 2018

Early birds registration: from March 1st to April 30th 2018

Registration: from May 1st 2018



For any question please write to Inès Saddour or Cecilia Gunnarsson