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Journée d’études: 1820, Perspectives on a Year of Crises in the British Isles.

The conference will take place online. In order to receive the zoom link, please e-mail Dr. Rachel Rogers: rachel.rogers@univ-tlse2.fr.

Here is the Call for Papers that was circulated.

Following on from the one-day conference which took place at the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès on 6th March 2020 on the history and commemoration of the Peterloo massacre, the CAS research group along with the ATHIP workshop, is organising a second conference entitled “1820: Year of Crisis in the British and Irish Isles?”. The conference, in hommage to Malcolm Chase, whose book « 1820: Disorder and Stability in the United Kingdom » (Manchester: MUP, 2013) will provide a framework for the day’s discussions, will consider issues raised during the Peterloo conference, in particular in relation to the impact of the Six Acts, which restricted freedom of expression and freedom to assemble outdoors, or the trials of those apprehended for their involvement in the Manchester gathering, which took place in 1820. We will also consider the history of the armed rising in Scotland in 1820 along with the Cato Street Conspiracy, two events which can be linked to the massacre at St Peter’s Field on 16th August 1819. Papers which address the Queen Caroline affair of the end of 1820, or which consider the Lord Liverpool ministry’s decision that year to drastically reduce the number of capital crimes, are equally welcome, as are talks which explore this particular year from the perspective of national, regional, local or family history. Papers tackling this period from a historical, literary or geographical perspective, or adopting a post-colonial, transatlantic, European or commemorative approach are also welcome.