Parution – History of psychiatry

Parution – History of psychiatry


Parution – History of psychiatry, juin 2011, vol. 22, n°2

Writing the history of psychiatry in the 20th century
Volker Hess and Benoît Majerus


‘Therapeutic community’, psychiatry’s reformers and antipsychiatrists: reconsidering changes in the field of psychiatry after World War II
Catherine Fussinger


Reforming psychiatric institutions in the mid-twentieth century: a framework for analysis
Nicolas Henckes


Terra incognita : an historiographic approach to the first chlorpromazine trials using patient records of the Psychiatric University Clinic in Heidelberg
Viola Balz


Deinstitutionalizing the history of contemporary psychiatry
Greg Eghigian


‘In good times and in bad’: boundary relations of psychoanalysis in post-war USA
José Brunner and Orna Ophir


The Rodewisch (1963) and Brandenburg (1974) propositions
Volker Hess