Parution – Research on aging

Parution – Research on aging

Research on aging, juillet 2011, vol. 33, n°4
Does Race/Ethnicity Affect Aging Anxiety in American Baby Boomers?
Tingjian Yan, Merril Silverstein, and Kathleen H. Wilber

Homeownership Among Mexican Americans in Later Life
Jeffrey Burr, Jan Mutchler, and Kerstin Gerst

Financial Strain, Religious Involvement, and Life Satisfaction Among Older Mexican Americans
Neal Krause and Elena Bastida

Identifying the Relationship Between Chronic Pain, Depression, and Life Satisfaction in Older African Americans
Tamara A. Baker, NiCole T. Buchanan, Brent J. Small, Resche D. Hines, and Keith E. Whitfield

Social Support Networks and Expectations for Aging in Place and Moving
Fengyan Tang and Yeonjung Lee

Attachment, Social Network Size, and Patterns of Social Exchange in Later Life
Katherine L. Fiori, Nathan S. Consedine, and Eva-Maria Merz

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