The Collaborators

The project brings together two partners with complementary expertise: the first, l’Université de Toulouse 2/CLLE-ERSS, directed by P. Sauzet, has a well-known specialization in dialectology. The second, l’ENS-Paris/Institut Jean Nicod, directed by Dominique Sportiche, will contribute an expertise in syntax and theoretical linguistics. The collaborators are spread out across the French territory (Toulouse, Paris, Nantes, Nice, Amiens) in order to guarantee the regional coverage that the project requires, which will be completed by means of other external collaborations.

Collaborator 1 : UTM/CLLE-ERSS (resp.: Patrick Sauzet)

Toulouse :      Patrick Sauzet (occitan)

Anne Dagnac (picard)

Jean Sibille (occitan)

Jean Azéma (catalan)

Lidia Rabassa (catalan)

Heather Burnett (français d’Amérique)

Nice (BCL)      Michèle Oliviéri (occitan)

Guylaine Brun-Trigaud (croissant, cartographie)

Pierre-Aurélien Georges  (BDD)

Associated collaborators         Marc-Olivier Hinzelin (franco-provençal), U. Hamburg

Alain Dawson (picard)

Julie Auger (picard), U. Bloomington

Collaborator 2 : ENS/Institut Jean Nicod (resp.: Dominique Sportiche)

Paris :            Dominique Sportiche

Mario Barra Jover


Nantes           Nicolas Guilliot  (gallo, vendéen), LLING U. Nantes

Associated collaborators :       Mélanie Jouitteau (IKER)

Milan Rézac (IKER)

Hilda Koopman (UCLA)