E.I.M.A Erasmus International Mirail Association is the association that deals with hosting and helping foreign students (Erasmus or not) to integrate to life on the campus at the University Jean Jaurès. It was created in 2006 as a student group initiative with the support of the University’s International Relations office. Since then the association has been run by volunteer students, including ex-erasmus and international students.

The association has an office (AR 101) on the first floor of the Arche building where the members take daily office hours (10 h 30 – 16 h). The association’s office is above all a friendly place where many students get acquainted and get together around a cup of tea or a coffee. We provide all the comforts we have at your disposal, including microwaves, sofas, fridge, etc. While talking about everything and nothing with music in the background, the atmosphere is relaxed and usually resembles a foreign student’s foyer!



But that’s not all!

The office is equipped with computers from which the international students can connect to the Internet for free! It is also a place of information. A board continuously updated displays upcoming events in Toulouse. Many leaflets (sports activities, festivals, events, maps and plans…) are also available for whoever is interested.

Of course, volunteer members of EIMA are always willing to help you out!