Research interests

Scientific Research
I focus on how the represention and mathematical modeling of real data as a complex network can improve our knowledge of these data and the reality from which they come. In the context of graph theory, I develop mathematical tools from data analysis, spectral analysis, combinatorics or topology for partitioning and hierarchizing networks. We have also given several charaterization of graphs that satisfy some properties of partitioning. I have studied real neural networks, social networks and networks of landscape fragmentation (parcels). For some years now, I work on data from medieval sources with the aim to better understand the social and territorial dynamics that have occurred.
I am particularly involved in cooperation with human and social sciences, director of The Toulouse Social Sciences and Humanities Research Institute during 6 years and currently in charge of following all the 21 such Institutes for the CNRS (Scientific Deputy Director).
Very recently, I lead a project of Complex Systems Institute in Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.

Some elements of strategy for the SSH Research Infrastructures
Here is some papers in open access (in french)

A text about Mathematics and Langage for the Forum Mathématiques Vivantes
Jouve B. (2017) Les mathématiques dans notre monde du XXIe siècle, Bulletin de la Commission Française pour l’Enseignement des Mathématiques: 49-51. A text about Big Data in History
Jouve B. (2017) Place des Big Data dans l’histoire et l’archéologie, in Big Data à Découvert, eds M. Bouzeghoub et R.Mosseri, CNRS éditions.