Research interests

My research mainly focuses on how graph theory can be used to improve our tools to analyze large-scale interaction networks. For partitioning and hierarchizing networks, I have successively used metrics on graphs, spectral graph analysis, combinatorial properties of some classes of graphs, and simplicial topology of clique complexes. I take part and I promote interdisciplinary cooperation of mathematicians with other domains of science. After having worked with neuroscientists for modelling real neuronal networks, I have developed cooperation for more than fifteen years in the field of social network analysis with historians, linguists, geographers or anthropologists. More recently, I was interested in complexity science, and in particular in complex networks and the link between local and global properties.
I have been director of The Toulouse Social Sciences and Humanities Research Institute during 6 years, Scientific Deputy Director for 5 years at the CNRS Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities and President of the French National Network of Social Science and Humanity Centers during 2 years.
I have lead a project for a Toulouse Institute for Complex Systems Studies. I am Vice-President Treasurer of the Complex Systems Society.


Available PhD position on modelisation of urban mobilities


My Erdös number is 3: Paul Erdös – Michel Deza – Pierre Rosenstiehl – Bertrand Jouve

But one of my favorite paths to Erdös is

Paul Erdös – Fan ChungAlavi Y., Chartrand G., Chung F.R.K., Erdös P., Oellermann O.R. (1987) Highly irregular graphs. J. Graph Theory 11 (2): 235-249.
Fan Chung – Robert Tarjan Chung F., Garey M.R., Tarjan R.E. (1985) Strongly connected orientaitons of mixed multigraphs. Networks 15 (4): 477-484.
Robert Tarjan – Pierre RosenstiehlRosenstiehl P., Tarjan R.E. (1986) Rectilinear planar layouts and bipolar orientations of planar graphs. Discrete Comput. Geom. 1 (4): 343-353.
Pierre Rosenstiehl – Bertrand JouveJouve B., Rosenstiehl P., Imbert M. (1998) A mathematical approach to the connectivity between the cortical visual areas of the macaque monkey. Cerebral Cortex 8 (1): 28-39.

Contact :
+33 (0) 671576778bertrand.jouve@cnrs.fr–52811.kjsp