The third International Conference of the Réseau d’Acquisition des Langues Secondes (Second Language Acquisition Network) is organised for the year 2021 by Octogone-Lordat in Toulouse. The topic of this conference is the following:

Crosslinguistic influence: Where are we today ?”

Information about the conference organisation here.

Date and Location
University of Toulouse – July 5/7th 2021

Invited Speakers 
Bene Bassetti, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
” Cross-modal cross-linguistic influence on second language phonology: Consonant spelling and consonant duration in ItalianL1 speakers of EnglishL2″
Marianne Starren, Radboud University, Netherlands
The (almost native) acquisition of discourse coherence in L2 English/French by Dutch and German learners
Scott Jarvis, University of Utah, USA
“Conceptual transfer: Recent advances and current explorations” 

The conference format will comply with current sanitary measures.