This is the page where I put my somewhat random discoveries of items of interest … 

  • New biographies/Collections of SWW Poetry

David Boyd, Norman Nicholson: A Literary Life, Seascale Press, 2014.

Peter J. Conradi, A Very English Hero: The Making of Frank Thompson, Bloomsbury, 2012.

Helen Goethals, The Unassuming Sky: The Life and Poetry of Timothy Corsellis, Cambridge Scholars, 2012.

Charles Mundaye, Keidrych Rhys, The Van Pool: Collected Poems, Seren Books, 2012.

Daniel Swift, Bomber Country. The Lost Airmen of World War Two, Hamish Hamilton, 2010.


  • SWW poetry from family archives

Philippa Roberts’ edition of her grandmother’s Wartime Poetry Journal, published by Fractal Publishing, Stroud, 2005.

Tom Ambridge’s well-researched and illustrated edition of his grandmother’s wartime diaries and poems: The Casualties Were Small. Wartime Poetry and Diaries of a Lincolnshire Seaside Villager, published by Ambridge Books, 2009.

  • Films / Documentaries / Other Media

Battlefield Poet“, a one-hour BBC documentary on Keith Douglas.