I have three (for me) major research projects planned for the university year 2021-2022:

I contributed a chapter to this extremely well-edited volume, entitled “The poet’s perspective on the Munich Crisis: ‘news that STAYS news’?”. This is part of my ongoing research into the poetry written in the shadow of the Munich Crisis, ie in anticipation of war. This research is (slowly) crystallizing into a critical anthology of the poems which were born out of this memorable crisis.

  • Peterloo 1819 and After: Perspectives from Britain and Beyond, ed. Rachel Rogers and Alexandra Sippel. To be published in Caliban 65, due out in June 2022.

After participating in the conferences of 2019 and 2020, I will be contributing a chapter to this very promising collection of selected essays. It is entitled “Poetry and Politics in the Aftermath of Peterloo: “To Autumn” (1819) by John Keats.” I also co-edit, with James Gifford of Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Detours/Détours section of Caliban.

I will be contributing a paper entitled, “Lawrence Durrell and Elie Papadimitriou: uneasy allies within the heterotopian space of Personal Landscape (1945)”