Prix / Award Machtelt Bolkestein

La Fondation Machtelt Bolkestein offre un prix de 500 euros pour la meilleure contribution présentée au colloque. Deux conditions doivent être remplies :

  • Les candidats sont de jeunes collègues qui participent au colloque pour la première ou pour la deuxième fois.
  • Les candidats sont invités à cocher la case concernant le prix lors de la soumission de leurs abstracts.

 Les critères suivants vont être considérés pendant l’évaluation :

  • la clarté de la présentation (en prenant en considération le caractère international de l’audience) ;
  • la qualité du point de vue de l’originalité et de la méthodologie.

À la base du classement des abstracts, le Comité scientifique établira une liste interne des candidats présélectionnés.


The Stichting Machtelt Bolkestein offers a prize of 500 Euro for the best presentation of a paper in the conference. The following requirements are needed:

  • The candidates for the prize are young participants who  are attending the conference for the first or the second time.
  • The candidates are invited to mark the option referring to the prize when they register their abstract.

The following criteria for assessment will be taken into account:

  • clarity of presentation (taking into account that the audience is an international audience);
  • the quality in terms of both originality and methodology.

On the basis of the ranking of the abstracts, the Scientific Committee will set up an internal shortlist with nominees for the prize.

Les lauréats précédents / Previous winners

Eugenio Goria (2013) first prize; Chiara Fedriani second prize Honorable mention

David Stienaers (2011)

Marie-Ange Julia (2009)


Machtelt BOLKESTEIN (1944-2001), professor of Latin linguistics at the University of 2001Amsterdam-MachteltBolkesteinAmsterdam, contributed in a substantial way to the development of modern Latin linguistics. She was one of the firsts who applied pragmatic concepts to the analysis of the Latin language (word order phenomena, anaphora, use of tenses). She approached language from a functional perspective and participated in the theoretical debate of Functional Grammar, which made her one of the rare Latinists appreciated outside their proper field. Her work, exemplary by a systematic use of theoretical concepts and a clear methodology, as well as her activity and enthusiasm gave inspiration not only to students but also to many colleagues. She died prematurely, four months after the 11th colloquium on Latin linguistics that she organised in Amsterdam.

Complete Bibliography Machtelt Bolkestein is in A. M. Bolkestein et al. (eds.): Theory and description in Latin linguistics. Amsterdam 2002, 7-11.

Her contribution to Latin linguistics is presented by H. Pinkster in Latin Linguistics in Machtelt’s way. Papers on Grammar IX.1, Roma 2005.

See also R. Risselada, Bolkestein, Alide Machtelt in H. Stammerjohann (ed.), Lexicon grammaticorum: Who’s Who in the History of Worlds Linguistics, Tübingen 2009.

And a Wikipedia article in German.

Photo: Michel Poirier © Colloque d’Amsterdam 2001