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Wednesday September 1st

13H45-14h00 Opening of the PAC Conference

14h00-15h00 Plenary Manuel Jobert

A Phonostylistic Approach to Dialect Encoding

Session 1 English Accent Variation: Perceptions and Representations

Chair: Cécile Viollain

15h00-15h30 Catherine Chauvin

Accent Representations in Comedy: the Example of the “Essex Accent” Routine by Russell Kane

15h30-16h00 Laura Goudet

Phonology as an Assessment of Dialectal Dictionaries

16h00-16h30 Coffee Break

16h30-17h00 Julie Dallinges

Ontarians’ Perceptions of Language Variation: Canadian English and Hockey English

17h00-17h30 Christophe Coupé

Perception, Variation and Representation in Contemporary Dublin English: Investigating Pleasantness and Correctness Results based on an Online Perceptual Survey

17h30-18h00 Olivier Glain

Cajun English: Representations and Performance

Thursday September 2nd

09h00-10h00 Plenary Jose Mompean

Cognitive Phonology: A Toolkit for Theory and Practice

Session 2 Theories Put to the Empirical Test

Chair: Sylvain Navarro

10h00-10h30 Coline Caillol & Emmanuel Ferragne

Me[t]al or Me[ɾ]al? The Role of Duration and Lexical Frequency on /t/ Flapping in the Singing Voice

10h30-11h00 Sarah Grech, Alexandra Vella

Capitalising on Available Resources and Tools in Work on Lesser-Known Varieties of English: Maltese English

11h00-11h30 Coffee Break    

11h30-12h00 Filip Miletic      

Bridging across Datasets and Disciplines: the Contribution of Corpus Phonology to the Study of Lexical Semantic Variation

12h00-12h30 Hannah King, Ioana Chitoran & Emmanuel Ferragne  

Difficult to Hear but Easy to See: Accounting for the Evolution of an /r/ Specific Lip Posture in Anglo-English

12h30-14h00 Lunch break      

14h00-15h00 Plenary Karen Corrigan

Hitt(ING) an Armagh Target: Newcomers Acquiring a Vernacular Universal

Session 3 Identities, Language Contact and Innovations in Native Varieties of English

Chair: Hugo Chatellier

15h00-15h30 David Hornsby 

‘Plastic Northerners’? Evidence for Koineization in an East Kent Village

15h30-16h00 Jing Yan, Peggy Mok & Grace Wenling Cao 

An Analysis of Palatalization in Trinidadian English Creole

16h00-16h30 Coffee Break

16h30-17h00 Florent Chevalier

Inter-Speaker Variation in Sociolinguistic Interviews: a Case Study of Dialects in Contact

17h00-17h30 Marc-Philippe Brunet

“We Have our Own Idea of Vowels in the South”: Indexicality and Stylistic Variation in Middle Tennessee

Friday September 3rd

Session 4 Suprasegmental Phonology: Variation in the English-speaking World

Chair: Sophie Herment

09h00-09h30 Janne Lorenzen & Baris Kabak

Forestressing in African American English: Social and Structural Factors

09h30-10h00 Marjolaine Martin & Anne Przewozny-Desriaux

Lexical Stress in Standard Aboriginal English: A Comparative Corpus-Based Account of Dictionary and Spoken Data

10h00-10h30 Eiji Yamada, Sachio Hirokawa & Chao Zeng

Assessment of a Subsidiary Stress Rule for English Words Based on a Linguistic Corpus

10h30-11h00 Coffee Break

11h00-11h30 Véronique Lacoste, Jeff Tennant & Damaris Holmes

Application of Rhythm Metrics to Toronto Haitian English

11h30-12h00 Julia Bongiorno

PAC Dublin: an Inventory of the Intonation System in the South of Dublin

12h00-12h30 Alexandra Vella

The “Sing-Song” Intonation of Maltese English: The Contribution of Early Highs and Final (Continuation) Rises

12h30-14h00 Lunch Break

14h00-15h00 Plenary Chantal Lyche & Jacques Durand

Paul Passy and the Teaching of English in Late Nineteenth Century France

Session 5 Learner Speech Phenomena: Methods, Challenges and Norms

Chair: Gabor Turcsan

15h00-16h00 Poster Session

Poster 1: Airelle Théveniaut & Sophie Herment Falling Tones in Galway English: a Typical Irish Contour?

Poster 2: Aicha Rahal IPCE-IPAC Tunisia: a Representation of the Reality of Spoken English

Poster 3: Siham Ezzahid & Paolo Mairano  Perceiving Masked Faces: Experimental Evidence from English

Poster 4: Mlada Kimto Perception and Distinction of American and British Accents by French Students Learning English (L2)

Poster 5: Quentin Dabouis, Sylvain Navarro & Olivier Glain Towards a Reassessment of the Gemination of [r] in British and American English?

16h00-16h30 Paolo Mairano, Caroline Bouzon   

Implementing an L2 English Perception Module for IPCE-IPAC

16h30-17h00 Évelyne Cauvin

The “Pianist”—a Learner Profile Challenging the Prosodic Standards of the CEFR

17h00-17h30 Leonardo Contreras Roa  

Unstressed Vowels in Learner Speech: Exploring the IPCE-IPAC Data

17h30 Closing remarks