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An archaeology journal supporting a holistic approach to past societies.

Palethnology is a bilingual archaeology journal in which each contribution is published in both French and English. Its exclusively digital platform enables the texts to be accompanied by numerous high definition illustrations in any format, including video and 3D models. The journal’s editorial policy and the evaluation criteria for submitted articles (anonymous peer review) ensure that new research of the highest academic standard is made widely available to both French- and English-speaking readers.

Palethnology publishes work which aims to reconstruct the socio-cultural dimensions of past communities. Material culture is studied through aspects such as technology, zooarchaeology, art and architecture, as well as human palaeobiology and palaeoenvironmental studies. The journal is open to all approaches, such as monograph-type collections of texts and methodological, historiographical or epistemological essays. No region of the world, prehistoric or historical period or archaeological school is given precedence.

Palethnology’s objective is therefore one of true comparative archaeology which goes beyond the material dimension of the remains, in order to promote the reconstruction of the gestures, intentions, representations, social structures, and the day-to-day environments of the men and women of the past, which made up society. Through this approach, Palethnology intends to participate in a reflection on an archaeology which will – by its methods, concepts, multiple links to other disciplines, and also by the temporal depth it incorporates – occupy a unique position within the human sciences. In promoting this palethnological conception of archaeology, the journal encourages dialogue with the whole of human sciences.

Palethnology publishes an annual thematic volume, as well as a regularly updated volume of miscellany. Since 2015, Palethnology has been published by the Presses Universitaires du Midi (Toulouse).

P@lethnology 9 – Archaeology and social sciences
P@lethnology 9 – 2017

Archéologie et sciences sociales

sous la direction de

7 articles

P@lethnology 8 – Household Archaeology – A Transatlantic Comparative Approach
P@lethnology 8 – 2016

Household Archaeology:
A Transatlantic Comparative Approach

directed by

11 articles

P@lethnology 7 – Aurignacian Genius: Art, Technology and Society of the First Modern Humans in Europe
P@lethnology 7 – 2015

Aurignacian Genius : Art, Technology and Society
of the First Modern Humans in Europe

directed by Randall White, Raphaëlle Bourrillon,
with the collaboration of François BON

17 articles

P@lethnology 6 – Techniques and Territories. New Insights into Mesolithic Cultures
P@lethnology 6 – 2014

Techniques and Territories
New Insights into Mesolithic Cultures

directed by Auréade HENRY, Benjamin MARQUEBIELLE,
Lorène CHESNAUX et Sylvène MICHEL

13 articles

P@lethnology 5 – Pleistocene Art of the World - Short articles
P@lethnology 5 – 2013

Pleistocene Art of the World
Short articles

directed by Jean CLOTTES

145 articles

P@lethnology 4 – Palethnology of Africa
P@lethnology 4 – 2012

Palethnology of Africa

directed by François-Xavier FAUVELLE-AYMAR

10 articles

P@lethnology 3 – Hunting Camps in Prehistory. Current Archaeological Approaches
P@lethnology 3 – 2011

Hunting Camps in Prehistory.
Current Archaeological Approaches

directed by François BON, Sandrine COSTAMAGNO
and Nicolas VALDEYRON

19 articles

P@lethnology – The taphonomy of burned organic residues and combustion features in archaeological contexts
P@lethnology 2 – 2010

The Taphonomy of Burned Organic Residues
and Combustion Features in Archaeological Contexts

directed by Isabelle THÉRY-PARISOT, Lucie CHABAL
and Sandrine COSTAMAGNO

17 articles

P@lethnology 1 – Projectile weapon elements from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Neolithic
P@lethnology 1 – 2009

Projectile Weapon Elements
from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Neolithic

directed by Jean-Marc PÉTILLON,
Matthieu HONEGGER, Christian NORMAND
and Nicolas VALDEYRON

17 articles

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