I have studied the dynamical modification of the atmospheric boundary layer in urbanised environments since 2005. During my PhD and postdoc I worked in three types of research structures: a large national research centre specialized in Meteorological and Climate research (CNRM- Météo France), a medium-sized Atmospheric team at the Vigo University (Spain) and in a multidisciplinary group in a big non-profit Research & Development organization (LABEIN-Tecnalia, Spain). Those experiences gave me a disciplinary and intedisciplinary background covering subjects related to urban climatology. More specifically on atmospheric boundary layer dynamics, urban climate modelling and mesurement (from the meso- to the micro- scale) and urban adaptation to climate change (focusing mainly on thermal stress and wind patterns).

I have joined the french National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) in 2013 to propose ways of linking climate knowledge with urban knowledge by using observations, modeling, and analysis of urban planning tools.

The Interdisciplinary Centre of Urban Studies (LISST-Cieu) belongs to the Toulouse University (UTJJ; Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès) and is one of four teams integrated in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Solidarités, Sociétés, Territoires (LISST). This pluri-disciplinary laboratory associates fundamental sociology, ethnology and geography studies. The LISST-Cieu, founded in the seventies, has three main thematic axes: first; analysing the needs of city adaptation in relation to economic competition, second; focusing on the intra-metropolitan dynamics and living modes and third; focusing on the organisation modes, urban management and sustainable development.

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