Freedom of Expression
A Tribute to Free Men

Marcel OTTE

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Supposing that any human group was ever nourished by animal products alone, or supposing that this same group periodically split up solely for this purpose (which remains to be shown), or even supposing, in this fiction, that significant traces of such an action were preserved, the archaeologist would still need to understand them. On the contrary, fervent imaginations on a perpetual quest for such arguments have constantly run up against inverse scenarios, in which no nutritional reason can justify the power of human concepts over the natural environment. Despite persistent obstinacy, the categorization of a space by a human society is never defined by the search for prey alone, as if this form of nourishment was never just a consequence, rather than the cause, for the nets drawn by a human group over its environment.

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Otte M., 2011 – Freedom of Expression. A Tribute to Free Men, in Bon F., Costamagno S., Valdeyron N. (eds.), Hunting Camps in Prehistory. Current Archaeological Approaches, Proceedings of the International Symposium, May 13-15 2009, University Toulouse II – Le Mirail, P@lethnology, 3, 343-346.