Christian A. TRYON

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The Aurignacian technocomplex in Eurasia, dated to ~43-28 ka, has no direct archaeological taxonomic equivalent in Africa during the same time interval, which may reflect differences in inter-group communication or differences in archaeological definitions currently in use. Extinct hominin taxa are present in both Eurasia and Africa during this interval, but the African archaeological record has played little role in discussions of the demographic expansion of Homo sapiens, unlike the Aurignacian. Sites in Eurasia and Africa by 42 ka show the earliest examples of personal ornaments that result from extensive modification of raw materials, a greater investment of time that may reflect increased their use in increasingly diverse and complex social networks.

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Tryon C.A., 2015 – The Aurignacian Viewed from Africa, in White R., Bourrillon R. (eds.) with the collaboration of Bon F., Aurignacian Genius: Art, Technology and Society of the First Modern Humans in Europe, Proceedings of the International Symposium, April 08-10 2013, New York University, P@lethnology, 7, 19-33.