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An archaeobotanical and experimental approach
to identifying successive fire events in hearth structures
in the sanctuary of Apollo in Hierapolis (Turkey)

Girolamo FIORENTINO, Cosimo d’ORONZO

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We use anthracological and experimental approach for decoding fire refuses and thermal alterations of soil in an area of the Sanctuary of Apollo in Hierapolis (Turkey). Results obtained from experimental hearth structures show that the escharon is the result of a series of ground-level hearths, pit hearths and secondary ash deposits. Important ritual implications derive from the contextual identification of these fire events, that shed new light on the Apollo cult in the region.

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Fiorentino G., d’Oronzo C., 2010 – An Archaeobotanical and Experimental Approach to Identifying Successive Fire Events in Hearth Structures in the Sanctuary of Apollo in Hierapolis (Turkey), in Théry-Parisot I., Chabal L., Costamagno S., The taphonomy of Burned Organic Residues and Combustion Features in Archaeological Contexts, Proceedings of the round table, May 27-29 2008, CEPAM, P@lethnology, 2, 59-68.