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On the notion of war weaponry in the Neolithic


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DIn the context of ongoing, multidisciplinary by the ANR project “GUEROPE” (“War and Violence in the first societies of Europe, an integrated approach”, directed by L. Baray) and a doctoral thesis in progress, I present a study of weaponry, and particularly projectiles, used in interhuman violence. The study and resulting discussion are based on archaeological remains from the end of the Neolithic in France. Certain research procedures and preliminary results are presented in advance of an exhaustive publication in the future.

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Dias-Meirinho M.-H., 2009 – On the Notion of War Weaponry in the Neolithic, in Pétillon J.-M., Dias-Meirinho M.-H., Cattelain P., Honegger M., Normand C., Valdeyron N., Projectile Weapon Elements from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Neolithic, Proceedings of session C83, XVth UISPP World Congress, Lisbon, September 4-9, 2006, P@lethnology, 1, 174-182.