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Blank Extraction Techniques in Bone Technology

Hunter-Gatherers from low Paraná Wetland (Argentina)

Natacha BUC, Alejandro ACOSTA, Leonardo MUCCIOLO

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The aim of this paper is to test the main extraction techniques used in the bone tool manufacturing sequences of hunter-gatherers in the Low Paraná wetland. For this purpose, we analyze archaeological assemblages, mainly based on their manufacturing waste-products, in light of the results of a previous experimental program.

The results of this work confirm that two main extraction techniques were used in the area: fracturing and perimetral sawing. At the regional level, homogeneous technical strategies are seen among different archaeological sites, suggesting that despite some functional variability, hunter-gatherer societies of the Low Paraná wetland shared manufacturing concepts during the Late Holocene.

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Buc N., Acosta A., Mucciolo L., 2014 – Blank Extraction Techniques in Bone Technology. Hunter-Gatherers from Low Paraná Wetland (Argentina), P@lethnology, Varia, 20 p.