Several accommodation options are available on the Mirail campus.

Crous university residences

As with grants based on social criteria, accommodation applications for the university year are made via the student social file (DSE). This must be completed each year at the beginning of the calendar year at

Humanités 1 and 2 residences offer several types of accommodation from T1 to T3, accessible to all students, families, flat-shares and students with disabilities.

The Petit Varèse residence has 32 furnished shared flats from T3 to T6. AFEV, in partnership with the Crous, offers students the chance to share accommodation at a moderate rate while working on a social project with local residents. Applications must be made to AFEV at

The CVRH residence is made up of 48 renovated homes with individual sanitary facilities and a communal kitchen. It is located in the Basso Cambo district, close to line A.

Accommodation in Crous halls of residence is also available near the Blagnac, Figeac, Toulouse Saint-Agne and Toulouse centre campuses

Private residences, Constantinople

Also present on the Mirail campus and managed by the Chalets Group, it offers 426 low-rent flats from T1 to T3, including 6 adapted for people with reduced mobility, with a range of services (on-site laundry, secure parking, communal living areas, etc.).

Other hosting solutions

Homes with the label offer accommodation that meets price, location and hygiene criteria. As the number of places in university halls of residence is limited, the Crous offers another accommodation plan with its website for student accommodation in private homes:

Short breaks is a practical accommodation offer, also provided by Crous, at a competitive price, so you can stay anywhere in France, on your own, as a couple or in a group, for 1 night, 1 week or more. Weekend, work placement, summer job… Stay anywhere in France in one of the 26 Crous university residences! Find out more at

Platform Studapart offers UT2J students verified accommodation in Toulouse. It can also act as guarantor for students who have no other guarantee.

Le Tri sera top, the recycling centre on the Mirail campus

It collects, repairs and resells objects and clothing at low prices to equip homes, clothing and bicycles. It also offers creative and repair workshops using recycled materials.

Campus Mirail, 95 rue Vauquelin
@ letriseratop