Health & financial assistance

Healthcare on campus

Throughout their university career, students can receive support from health professionals, including general practitioners and specialists, psychologists, nurses and social workers. There is also a space dedicated to health at the heart of the Mirail campus: La Maison des Solidarités.

Students are offered medical check-ups during their 2nd year at university. A walk-in nursing service, a social service, general medical consultations, sexology and nutrition, as well as discussion groups and specialist consultations are available.

The departmental family planning and education centre has an office on the Mirail campus (Simpps, Maison des Solidarités) on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Inter-university service for preventive medicine and health promotion (Simpps)

Campus Mirail, La Maison des Solidarités
05 61 50 41 41

Financial assistance

If you are having difficulties with your studies or everyday life, the university can help. UT2J provides students with a place to go for information on campus life, study conditions and living conditions: the Student Life Division. It is a key point of contact for foreign students, students with disabilities, students in difficulty, etc., and is the main interface between students and off-campus components or organisations.

Student Life Division / Division de la vie étudiante (Dive)

Social Affairs Division (PAS)
Campus Mirail, bât. L’Arche
Du lundi au vendredi de 8h30 à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 16h30 – 05 61 50 41 77

Crous social services

It welcomes you and listens to you whatever the nature of your difficulties (social, family, psychological, financial….).

You can meet with social service assistants by appointment at the Crous and at drop-in sessions organised on your campus. Crous also provides support for students with disabilities

There are also listening and support services available to help you: access to psychologists, peer exchanges, workshops to promote well-being, etc.

Sexual harassment

Cliphas, listening to students

Cliphas is a UT2J unit focused on prevention, information and combatting sexual harassment. It provides anonymous assistance to students who have been the victims of harassment or witnesses to it.

The unit’s members will:
Provide a space to listen to and support victims of, or witnesses to harassment, gender-based or sexual violence.
Provide information and guidance to those who come into Cliphas
Offer support with administrative procedures where an institutional response is sought

It’s time to end sexual harassment, contact this dedicated unit!

Contact the unit:
or call +33 (0) 7 60 66 29 56 Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm

Gender-based or sexual violence covers a range of situations (harassment, assaults, rape, etc.) in which one person imposes on another one or more behaviours, words (spoken or written) of a sexist or sexual nature.
These non-consensual situations violate human dignity due to their degrading or humiliating nature, or because they create an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation.
Such situations may involve students, staff, or people outside the university.