Getting involved, project work

UT2J supports students who want to give their time to set up humanitarian, civic or cultural projects via the student associations and initiatives hub (PAIE in French).  To enhance the student experience, PAIE facilitates exchanges between associations involved in life and activities at UT2J. It offers a welcome and advice on potential financial assistance for students wishing to set up projects.
PAIE can also provide rooms dedicated to student life (see La Maison des initiatives étudiantes).

Bookings for MIE’s exhibition, performance and meeting spaces can be made by any student via the PAIE.

Financing your project with the FSDIE

The university can award grants to students for an association or personal project via the solidarity and development fund for student initiatives (FSDIE in French).
These projects must relate to culture, sport, the environment, solidarity or civic engagement.

Student Life Division / Division de la vie étudiante (Dive)

Student associations and initiatives unit / Pôle des associations et des initiatives étudiantes (PAIE)
Campus Mirail, Maison des initiatives étudiantes (MIE)
05 61 50 24 11 ou 42 47