The university supports students throughout their course to plan their curriculum pathway and explore their career objectives.

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Students have access to specialized documentation on careers, training, the job market, competitive entrance exams, international mobility and digital resources (online job and training sheets, specialized software).

Coming soon!

Scuio-IP, the university’s joint information, orientation and professional integration service, will shortly be launching 2 new portals:

La Boussole, a portal enabling students to find resources dedicated to career guidance and professional integration.

HORIZONPRO dedicated entirely to professional integration and internship management.

Advice sessions

You can meet with a career guidance professional to review your plans for studies, internships and professional integration.

Group meetings

Information meetings and student-professional encounters are organized throughout the year. In the form of information/advice points, workshops or forums, they deal with subjects linked to career guidance and integration: competitive entrance exams, application preparation (CV, cover letter, interview), entrepreneurship, internships, reorientation, entry to selective training, gap year, international mobility, etc.


Whether within or outside the curriculum, every student can reinforce his or her career plans by taking part in an internship. The university offers a number of tools and facilities to help students find and complete internships.
The procedure and a platform (Career Center) of targeted professional offers (internships, volunteering, etc.) are available via the digital workspace (ENT) heading > My orientation, internship, integration.

UT2J offers funding opportunities for students doing their internship abroad. (See Work/study abroad).

UT2J offers its students the opportunity to pursue training and business start-up projects in tandem (See Student entrepreneurs)

 You’ll find all of our advice on careers and starting work via the digital workspace under: Careers advice, internship, starting work – application success.

The joint university department providing information and advice on careers and starting work(Scuio-IP)

Campus Mirail, Université Ouverte building
La Boussole resource center (ground floor)
Monday to Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.