From student jobs throughout the year, to financial assistance and grants, the university stands ready to help students to finance their education.

University help *

UT2J offers a range of assistance to students, depending on their situation: help with settling in, food, transport, social solidarity, help with obtaining the Bafa or driving licence, etc. To help students with these procedures, the Student Life Division has a dedicated department.

* This assistance is funded by the Cvec (student and campus life contribution).

The university also helps students to apply for financial aid from external organisations such as the Crous and the Occitanie Region.

Applications must be made between 1 July 2023 and 31 May 2024. People registered through the continuing education service or as auditors are not eligible for these schemes.

Means-tested grants

They are awarded by the Crous under certain conditions (age, resources, distance, etc.). To apply for a grant or accommodation, the student social file (DSE) must be completed each year, at the beginning of the calendar year, at without waiting for test results.

The award of grants based on social criteria, Ensenhar study grants or health and social grants means that tuition fees are waived. To do this, you must present the notification of conditional award of a grant when you enrol, provided that you have not exhausted your grant entitlement*.

*1 entitlement = 1 year’s scholarships (a scholarship holder is entitled to 7, except in special cases)

Means-tested grants

Other grants and subsidies are available to support students during their studies: additional assistance and specific allowances from the Crous, internship or study grants from the Association de l’ordre des palmes académiques (Amopa), mobility grants from the Université fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, Fédéeh grants (reserved for students with disabilities), etc.

Each component (UFR, school, etc.) has a social affairs office (social protection, grants and other assistance schemes). To find out which one it is, contact the reception desk of your component.

Jobs at the university

You can work for the university whilst you are a student: library supervision, volunteering during student registration periods, guiding visitors during open days, working with support services (Scuio-IP), etc.

A scheme also exists for scholarship students wishing to pursue a career in teaching (jobs for future teachers).

Student experience service (Dive in French)

Pôle des affaires sociales
Campus Mirail, bât. L’Arche
Du lundi au vendredi de 8h30 à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 16h30 – 05 61 50 41 77