05 61 50 47 81

In an emergency:
(falls, fainting, theft, assault, etc.), you should contact campus central security first. They can help anyone experiencing difficulty and deliver first aid swiftly. Do not contact the emergency services directly (paramedics, fire department, etc.).

Automatic defibrillators have been installed at many campus buildings: Gymnasium, Maison de la Recherche, etc.

Lost items? Once again, please contact campus central security.

If you hear an alarm sounding?!

Evacuate the premises immediately and make your way to an outdoor assembly point.
Always offer to help people with disabilities (deaf, hard of hearing, reduced mobility, etc.).

 This symbol indicates an assembly point

 Evacuation instructions and maps are displayed in all buildings on campus.

Central security

Campus Mirail, La Fabrique building
05 61 50 47 81
Open 24/7