Parution – Journal of applied gerontology

Parution – Journal of applied gerontology

Journal of applied gerontology, december 2010, vol 29, n°6.

Social Ties and Depression: An Intersectional Examination of Black and White Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Christine A. Mair

Effects of Immigration and Age on Health of Older People in the United States
Chizuko Wakabayashi

Gender Variations in the Levels of Social Support and Risk of Elder Mistreatment in a Chinese Community Population
XinQi Dong and Melissa A. Simon

Exploitation in Older Adults: Social Vulnerability and Personal Competence Factors
Donna M. Pinsker, Ken McFarland, and Nancy A. Pachana

Rethinking the Value of Residents’ Councils: Observations and Lessons From an Exploratory Study
Ciara O’Dwyer and Virpi Timonen

« We Take Care of the Older Person, Who Takes Care of Us? » Professionals Working with Older Persons in a Shared War Reality
Tova Band-Winterstein and Chaya Koren

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