Appel à contribution – Medieval Academy of America Meeting Annual Meeting

History of Medicine and History of Science-Related Calls for Papers for Selected Sessions of the Medieval Academy of America Meeting Annual Meeting 2012

Saint Louis 2012.

The annual meeting of the Medieval Academy will be held 22-24 March 2012, on the campus of Saint Louis University (Saint Louis, Missouri) and hosted by the Saint Louis University Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

The Program Committee invites proposals for papers on all topics and in all disciplines and periods of medieval studies. Any member of the Medieval Academy may submit a paper proposal, except that those who presented papers at the annual meetings of the Medieval Academy in 2010 and 2011 are not eligible to speak in 2012. Please do not submit more than one proposal.

Sessions usually consist of three thirty-minute papers, and proposals should be geared to that length. A different format for some sessions may be chosen by the Program Committee after the proposals have been reviewed.
Session organizers may wish to propose different formats for their sessions, subject to Program Committee approval.

Themes. The annual meeting of the Medieval Academy brings together medievalists from all disciplines and time periods. The Program Committee will capitalize on this strength by encouraging sessions that (1) address subjects of interest to a wide range of medievalists, and (2) put scholars from different disciplines and time periods in dialogue with each other.
We are seeking innovative proposals for papers and sessions and hope to see cross-disciplinary participation wherever possible. For both the commissioned and the open sessions, we are looking for the broadest possible range of proposals of topics and of time periods, within and across all disciplines.

Selection procedure. Papers will be evaluated for promise of quality and significance of topic. Session organizers make an initial selection of papers and submit a plan to the Program Committee, which makes final decisions by 15 September 2011. Notification of acceptance or rejection will take place shortly thereafter.

Submissions. Proposals should be submitted to Thomas F. Madden, preferably by e-mail to, or, on paper to Thomas F. Madden, Director,
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University, 3800 Lindell Blvd. Saint Louis, MO 63108.

The deadline is 1 August 2011. Please do not send proposals to session organizers or to the Academy office.

The proposal must have two parts: (1) a cover sheet containing the proposer’s name, statement of Academy membership (or statement that the individual’s specialty would not normally involve membership in the Academy), professional status, postal address, home and office telephone numbers, fax number (if available), e-mail address, and paper title; (2) a second sheet containing the proposer’s name, session for which the paper should be considered (if applicable), paper title, 250-word abstract, and audio-visual equipment requirements. If the proposer will be at a different address when decisions are announced in September, that address should also be included.

Topics on Science and Medicine. The Program Committee solicits papers for the sessions listed below. For information about a specific session, contact the session organizer.

History of Science and Medicine
Organizer: Philip Gavitt (Saint Louis Univ.)

Science, Religion, and the Body
Organizer: Daniel Bornstein (Washington Univ.)

Cognition and Sensation
Organizer: Julie Singer (Washington Univ.)

Books, Bodies, and Gender
Organizer: Anne Stanton (Univ. of Missouri, Columbia)

Other topics. The Program Committee welcomes submissions on other topics
and will organize additional sessions to accommodate the best submissions.

Session proposals. The Program Committee will consider proposals for entire sessions if their subject matter does not conflict with that of other sessions. Please consult with the Program Committee chair before preparing a proposal. Session proposals require the same information as individual paper proposals; abstracts for the papers in the proposed session will be evaluated by the Program Committee.