Parution – Sexualities

Parution – Sexualities

Sexualities, octobre 2011, vol. 14, n°5

Sexualities transformed? Inside visions of sexual, social and political change in Spain
Kerman Calvo and José Ignacio Pichardo

Good girls versus bad girls in early Francoist prisons: Sexuality as a great divide
Raquel Osborne

Social stereotypes and masculine homosexualities: The Spanish case
Oscar Guasch

We are family (or not): Social and legal recognition of same-sex relationships and lesbian and gay families in Spain
José Ignacio Pichardo

Fighting for love rights: Claims and strategies of the LGBT movement in Spain
Kerman Calvo and Gracia Trujillo

Risk and community: The impact of HIV among gays in Madrid. The case of sex clubs
Fernando Villaamil and María Isabel Jociles

The narratives of transgender rights mobilization in Spain
Raquel Platero

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