Parution – History of psychiatry

Parution – History of psychiatry


History of psychiatry, décembre 2011, vol. 22, n°4


Alexandre Brierre de Boismont and the origins of the Spanish psychiatric profession
Enric J Novella and Rafael Huertas

The peculiarities of the Scots? Scottish influences on the development of English psychiatry, 1700–1980
Andrew Scull

Institutionalization of mentally-impaired children in Scotland, c.1855–1914
Iain Hutchison

Him Bid Sona Sel’: psychiatry in the Anglo-Saxon Leechbooks
Christopher Pell

Women and melancholy in nineteenth-century German psychiatry
Lisabeth Hock

The fight for ‘traumatic neurosis’, 1889–1916: Hermann Oppenheim and his opponents in Berlin
Bernd Holdorff and Dr Tom Dening

‘Psychogenic Psychoses’ by August Wimmer (1936): Part 2
Johan Schioldann