Parution – Social history of medicine

Parution – Social history of medicine


Social history of medicine, vol. 24, issue 3, december 2011

    • Angela Montford

    ‘Brothers who have Studied Medicine’: Dominican Friars in Thirteenth-Century Paris

    • Celeste Chamberland

    Partners and Practitioners: Women and the Management of Surgical Households in London, 1570–1640

    • Jane Stevens Crawshaw

    The Beasts of Burial: Pizzigamorti and Public Health for the Plague in Early Modern Venice

    • Barry Kennerk

    In Danger and Distress: Presentation of Gunshot Cases to Dublin Hospitals during the Height of Fenianism, 1866–1871

    • Claire Brock

    Surgical Controversy at the New Hospital for Women, 1872–1892

    • Katherine Foxhall

    Fever, Immigration and Quarantine in New South Wales, 1837–1840

    • Bernard Harris,
    • Martin Gorsky,
    • Aravinda Guntupalli,
    • and Andrew Hinde

    Ageing, Sickness and Health in England and Wales during the Mortality Transition

    • Suzannah Biernoff

    The Rhetoric of Disfigurement in First World War Britain

    • Stephen Snelders and
    • Toine Pieters

    Speed in the Third Reich: Metamphetamine (Pervitin) Use and a Drug History From Below

    • Leela Sami

    Starvation, Disease and Death: Explaining Famine Mortality in Madras 1876–1878

    • Projit Mukharji

    Lokman, Chholeman and Manik Pir: Multiple Frames of Institutionalising Islamic Medicine in Modern Bengal

    • Steve Sturdy

    Looking for Trouble: Medical Science and Clinical Practice in the Historiography of Modern Medicine

    • Morten Hammerborg

    The Laboratory and the Clinic Revisited: The Introduction of Laboratory Medicine into the Bergen General Hospital, Norway

    • Rosemary Wall

    Using Bacteriology in Elite Hospital Practice: London and Cambridge, 1880–1920

    • Mirjam Stuij

    Explaining Trends in Body Weight: Offer’s Rational and Myopic Choice vs Elias’ Theory of Civilizing Processes

    • Andrea Tanner

    The Voluntary Hospitals Database

    • Richard A. McKay

    Jennifer Brier, Infectious Ideas: U.S. Political Responses to the AIDS Crisis

    • Martin Gorsky

    David Serlin (ed.), Imagining Illness: Public Health and Visual Culture

    • Virginia Berridge

    David J. Hunter, Linda Marks and Katherine E. Smith, The Public Health System in England

    • Liping Bu

    Angela Ki Che Leung and Charlotte Furth (eds), Health and Hygiene in Chinese East Asia

    • Vanessa Heggie

    Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska, Managing the Body: Beauty, Health and Fitness in Britain, 1880–1939

    • Laurie Jacklin

    Steven Palmer, Launching Global Health: The Caribbean Odyssey of the Rockefeller Foundation

    • Antje Kampf

    Susanne Hoffmann, Gesunder Alltag im 20. Jahrhundert? Geschlechterspezifische Diskurse und gesundheitsrelevante Verhaltensstile im deutschsprachigen Ländern