Parution – Dementia

Parution – Dementia

Dementia, janvier 2012, vol. 11, n°1

Verbal fluency in Alzheimer’s disease and Aphasia

E.M. Arroyo-Anlló, M. Lorber, F. Rigaleau, and R. Gil

Self and next of kin’s assessment of personality and sense of coherence in elderly people: Implications for dementia care
Göran Holst, Mikael Rennemark, and Ingalill R. Hallberg

The staff’s view on dementia and the care in three cultures: A qualitative study in France, Portugal and Sweden
Ulla Melin Emilsson

Design and dementia: A case of garments designed to prevent undressing
Sonja Iltanen-Tähkävuori, Minttu Wikberg, and Päivi Topo

Stand up for dementia: Performance, improvisation and stand up comedy as therapy for people with dementia; a qualitative study
John Stevens

The lived experience of spirituality and dementia in older people living with mild to moderate dementia
Padmaprabha Dalby, David J. Sperlinger, and Stephen Boddington

A Bio-Psycho-Social model enhances young adults’ understanding of and beliefs about people with Alzheimer’s disease: A case study
Steven R. Sabat

Coping with caring: Profiles of caregiving by informal carers living with a loved one who has dementia
Henk Kraijo, Werner Brouwer, Rob de Leeuw, Guus Schrijvers, and Job van Exel