Parution – Social History of Medicine

Parution – Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine, Volume 23 Issue 3 December 2010

Editorial Note – Bill Luckin and Graham Mooney

Hannah Newton – Children’s Physic: Medical Perceptions and Treatment of Sick Children in Early Modern England, c. 1580–1720

Carol Loar- Medical Knowledge and the Early Modern English Coroner’s Inquest

Willemijn Ruberg – The Letter as Medicine: Studying Health and Illness in Dutch Daily Correspondence, 1770–1850

Stana Nenadic – Writing Medical Lives, Creating Posthumous Reputations: Dr Matthew Baillie and his Family in the Nineteenth Century

Siân Pooley – ‘All we parents want is that our children’s health and lives should be regarded’: Child Health and Parental Concern in England, c. 1860–1910

Ryan Johnson – Colonial Mission and Imperial Tropical Medicine: Livingstone College, London, 1893–1914

Pamela Dale and Kate Fisher – Contrasting Municipal Responses to the Provision of Birth Control Services in Halifax and Exeter before 1948

Margaret Damant – A Biographical Profile of Queen’s Nurses in Britain 1910–1968

Stephanie Kirby – Sputum and the Scent of Wallflowers: Nursing in Tuberculosis Sanatoria 1920–1970

Robert E. Bulander, Jr – ‘The Most Important Problem in the Hospital’: Nursing in the Development of the Intensive Care Unit, 1950–1965

Rebecca Hodes – Televising Treatment: The Political Struggle for Antiretrovirals on South African Television