Parution – The journal of medicine and philosophy

Parution – The journal of medicine and philosophy


The journal of medicine and philosophy, vol 36, n°4, aout 2011, CHARLES TAYLOR AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF MEDICINE


Franco A. Carnevale and Daniel M. Weinstock, Questions in Contemporary Medicine and the Philosophy of Charles Taylor: An Introduction

Hubert L. Dreyfus, Medicine as Combining Natural and Human Science

Patricia Benner, Formation in Professional Education: An Examination of the Relationship between Theories of Meaning and Theories of the Self

Gilles Bibeau, What Is Human in Humans? Responses from Biology, Anthropology, and Philosophy

Carl Elliott, Enhancement Technologies and the Modern Self

Natalie Stoljar, Informed Consent and Relational Conceptions of Autonomy

Ronald A. Carson, On Metaphorical Concentration: Language and Meaning in Patient-Physician Relations

Dawson Stafford Schultz and Lydia Victoria Flasher, Charles Taylor, Phronesis, and Medicine: Ethics and Interpretation in Illness Narrative

Laurence J. Kirmayer, Multicultural Medicine and the Politics of Recognition

Daniel M. Weinstock, How Should Political Philosophers Think of Health?

Charles Taylor, Franco A. Carnevale, and Daniel M. Weinstock, Toward a Hermeneutical Conception of Medicine: A Conversation with Charles Taylor

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