Parution – Dementia

Parution – Dementia

Dementia, novembre 2011, vol. 10, n°4.

Service users’ involvement in the development of a maintenance cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) programme: A comparison of the views of people with dementia, staff and family carers
Elisa Aguirre, Aimee Spector, Amy Streater, Karen Burnell, and Martin Orrell

Government, professional and public efforts in Japan to change the designation of dementia (chiho)
Misa Miyamoto, Daniel R. George, and Peter J. Whitehouse

Implementing the National Dementia Strategy in England: Evaluating innovative practices using a case study methodology
Tamar Koch and Steve Iliffe

Coping and its relationship to quality of life in dementia caregivers
Raman Deep Pattanayak, Renuka Jena, Deepti Vibha, Sudhir Kumar Khandelwal, and Manjari Tripathi

Self and embodiment: A bio-phenomenological approach to dementia
Stephan Millett

Sliding interactions: An ethnography about how persons with dementia interact in housing with care for the elderly
Iréne Ericsson, Ingrid Hellström, and Sofia Kjellström

Interaction in community-based aged healthcare: Perceptions of people with dementia
Liz Gill, Lesley White, and Ian Douglas Cameron

Dementia timeline: Journeys, delays and decisions on the pathway to an early diagnosis
Tom A. C. Chrisp, Benjamin D. Thomas, Wayne A. Goddard, and Andrea Owens

Dementia in the family: Two Norwegian case studies
Anne Sofie Egset and Jon Olav Myklebust

Accessibility in public space as perceived by people with Alzheimer’s disease
Anna Brorsson, Annika Öhman, Stefan Lundberg, and Louise Nygård

Proverbs and formulaic sequences in the language of elderly people with dementia
Camilla Lindholm and Alison Wray

Use of the MMSE to screen for dementia in Delhi
Bianca Brijnath

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